SSB exam is considered as one of the most important and privileged exam which a student want to crack or pass. However, everyone is not able to pass the exam, but if they have cracked the exam, then they are called to SSB headquarters where the passed students undergo interview process for period of 3-5 days. In those days, the students go through many activities to test their abilities. Lastly, the process consist of personal interview and then the students are further selected for final recruitments.


Coaching to prepare oneself for the interview is important if student thinks that he needs to improve himself to increase his chances of selection during SSB interview process. Students will be able to tackle the problems with the help of coaching which they will face during interview. However, student should join the coaching early so that you will get more time to prepare and have better chances to improve your performance. As, some students who join late, often don't get enough time to prepare and they have to learn everything in such short period of time but it will easy for the students who is taking coaching from the start.


Cadets Academy is one of the leading coaching institutes all around Delhi. It provides quality training and teaches you how to crack the SSB interview. We prepare our students both physically and mentally sp that they can undergo any difficulty during the selection process. We work on preparing students for screening and Psychologists tests in addition to group discussions and most importantly-how to tackle the questions asked in personal interview. If student thinks about the need to take coaching to pass the interview with good results, then we provide the best for them. Our institute thrive on the progress of our students. We have qualified and most experienced team of professionals that are always ready to help the students whenever needed. Our team of professionals consist of ex- Psychologists of ArmyNavy and Air force and former SSB recruiters and many others with high professional experience. These professionals help students by developing their confidence in themselves and improve their personalities so that they can be prepared mentally on how to tackle the problem with accuracy while maintaining the calm posture.


  • We believe in our team of professionals and they provide only the best for students.
  • Our curriculum is divided perfectly and does not put pressure on students. We provide all round development of students. We build their confidence in speaking English with confidence so that they can thrive better during interview.
  • We believe in systematic and practical approach while preparing students for SSB interview.
  • Our coaching institute provides best coaching for SSB interview and have years of experience and have good track record of qualified students.
  • Students are passed through set of mock tests and then analysed based on their performances and trained according to their requirement. Each and every student is important to us thus we put extra emphasis on every students.
  • At the Cadets Academy, we impart best coaching and work on candidates, so that they can be fluent in speaking English and also on their personality development.
  • Our coaching institute is quite cheaper as compared to other coaching providing institutes.
  • Candidates are groomed properly on all fields whether its physically or mentally to gain confidence upon themselves.
  • Our coaching institute is best as we believe that our student has those capabilities and believe in our coaching that they will thrive in difficult situation and pass with flying colours.